Zimmer Knee Replacement Lawsuit

Zimmer, Inc. is the subject of Zimmer lawsuits which allege that Zimmer manufactured and sold a defective product, the NexGen CR-Flex artificial knee, a cementless high-flex femoral component device it released without any prior clinical testing on patients. If found to be a defective device manufacturer under a Zimmer knee replacement lawsuit, Zimmer could be found legally and financially responsible for pain and suffering endured by any patients who have had a Zimmer knee replacement.

Zimmer has sold over 150,000 NexGen CR-Flex implants since 2003, and a large number of recipient patients have required a second surgery within a few years of their first surgery according to a study published by Dr. Richard A. Berger. Dr. Berger’s recent study of 108 cementless high-flex femoral component implants “ asserted that “39 of the 108 cases (36%) [were] loose. Moreover, many of these 108 cases (9.3%) have had revision or impending revision for painful loosening.”

How Patients May Be Eligible for a Zimmer Knee

Replacement Lawsuit

Dr. Richard A Berger, a renowned orthopedic surgeon, performed some 125 knee replacements using the NexGen CR-Flex implant in 2005. Shortly after, in 2006, Dr. Berger allegedly found small lines forming on the thighbone where it met the implant – signs that the implant was not properly fusing with the thighbone.

Dr. Berger soon informed Zimmer of his findings and of the following consequences patients could be faced with:

  • Failure or loosening of implant
  • Replacement of the medical device
  • Knee and joint pain
  • Difficulty walking or standing

When confronted by Dr. Berger with these allegations, Zimmer told Dr. Berger “that the problem was not the artificial knee, but his technique, and pointed to data overseas indicating that the knee was safe” according to a June 9, 2010 New York Times article entitled “Surgeon vs. Knee Maker: Who’s Rejecting Whom?”

Starting a Zimmer Knee Lawsuit

Zimmer NexGen knee lawsuits may allege that Zimmer failed to properly test and research the Zimmer knee device. They may also point to an alleged faulty design and a failure to issue a recall on a medical device that Dr. Berger alleges should not be used for any patient.

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